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About Autocapsure Inc.

The Company and Background

Marcus Prousis

Entrepreneur & Photographer


Marcus has been working in the creative marketing industry for more than fifteen years.  Much of his experience is in direct consumer sales, marketing, corporate advertising and marketing sales. 


Autocapsure Inc. was created as a marketing and design company to help improve the image, credibility and profitability of companies and individuals that advertise online.

His unique vision to portray dealership inventory in 2013 sparked deep value and unparalleled shockwaves in the industry.  today more than 90% of Dealerships nationwide take care and pride in their photography. 

 Since then Marcus expanded his skill into many different marketplaces.  hundreds of people follow him in and around the city and he is also apart of the  'world's best photographers' group. 

Autocapsure Inc is currently voted the

#1 Event Photographer in the city!

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